Avanie Joshi Welcome 2020

Avanie Joshi Welcome 2020 is a Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) associated song: Movingpixels shot the song.

1) In this song they have shown visually and via audio all the work that BJP did in 2019 in association with Narendra Modi ji.

2) which label it released from
It is released on all social media platforms of Mr. Narendra Modi.

3) how was it working on this campaign
This campaign was one of the most interesting as I have never seen any of the government songs with such modern music and visuals including a rock band where they have shown a girl playing the electric guitar. It was a visual treat and a very¬† informative video about BJP’s journey in 2019.

4) who is the singer along with you
Ved Sharma is the singer with me here. He has composed the song as well.

5) any compliment from modi or any appreciation from any biggie (Bollywood)
All the people associated with this project were very happy with the final outcome and praised eachothers work. I loved the workspace and the vibe with which all of these super talented people worked.

6) how close this song to u?
This song is really close to me as I am a hardcore BJP supporter and I really feel whatever or PM is doing is for our own good.

7) any special feeling or msg
I love you Modi ❤

8) next what?
Coming next is my Single : Ajnabi Sa that is written and composed by me. It’s a song that is very close to my heart and is a narrative about my personal life. It’s my journey from darkness to enlightenment.

Have you ever got any government awards.
Yes. I recieved
Uttar Pradesh samman (2016)
I have achieved JMFA (Jaipur Music Festival Awards 2017) for best cover song Banjara,
IMW presents hello Webfare Awards (Viewers Choice 2019)


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